• Managed product development & marketing process for consumer goods from concept to launch.
• Increased profit margin through organic growth and market research data for innovative Product Development.
• Managed/ developed product variation for multiple trade channels that met business MOQ.
• Developed and maintained competitive products and categories research for the business offering.
• Developed Alienware products supported with market performance data; such as retail POS, NPD, and Nielsen.
• Created key customer presentations for Kmart, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, such as Kmart, Walmart, and Sears’s, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Marshalls, Lord and Taylor, Brookstone, Neiman Marcus, QVC, Bloomindale’s, Kohl’s, Zappos, Sears, Amazon, and Macy’s Merchandising Team.
• Documented and reported market categories performance to C-Level Officials.
• Stayed aware/ creative brief of new market innovation trends that created opportunities for products, packaging, and merchandising such as the Lowe’s Ramp Program. Proposed a Customizable Ramp for this program. Ramp offered cross merchandise opportunity with outdoor decking panels already being sold in retail for Baby Boomers. Identified missing market opportunity. Gained the interest of the entire merchandising team. Lowe’s rolled this program across all stores nationally.
• Developed cutting edge successful retail consumer products such as Dell Alienware M11X, M15X, M17x, Gateway Customizable Ramp System, and durable garage cabinets for Kobalt Tools brand.
• Communicated with partner factories in Asia through emails, videos, meetings and written documentation that included Drawings, CAD models, and Illustrations to meet projects requirements.
• Meets deadlines, self-motivated with strong multi-task capabilities. Demonstrate management skills that manage vendors, and suppliers; factories, prototype makers, marketing. While focused on product to product tasks such as creating presentations, email blast, catalog and much more.

• Managed and identified innovative products for the Lowe’s Accessible Home Division, Baby Boomer, and Lowe’s Marketplace. Budgeted over $2 billion dollars. Managed capital investment from Lowe’s Innovative Funding Group well over $2 million dollars for product development. Managed over ten brands language to meet marketplace differentials. Managed projects from start to production that beats deadlines by 15%.
• Managed and identified Dell Alienware new product offerings for notebook platforms, peripherals, and accessories for the Gaming Industry. Managed cross team members consisting of material specialists, engineers, marketers, and source personnel. Managed product and packaging development for all products. Managed Alienware 2.0 brand language and implemented market data across all products. Managed UI & UX design and development for platforms. Managed product development engineering process from start to finish. Managed over 30 different product development programs and 25 plus cross team members. Managed all product market development including design, market research, development, and documentation in CMF, CAD, and Drafting.
• Managed all hand tools at Stanley Black and Decker, within the Construction and DIY Market for Stanley, Stanley Fatmax, Stanley Fatmax Xtreme, Bostitch, & Black & Decker Tools brand. Managed factory production in South America & Europe to meet market quality and perfection. Created management structures for design teams and manufacturers in Asia, Israel, and Europe, and South America divided by categories such as storage in Israel, basic hand tool in Asia and Hammer Division in South America. Kept weekly updates on the USA Construction and DIY Market and shared information with other team members around the world.
• Led a team consisted of 15 designers that brought, identified products for the marketplace for the travel good industry including Graphic, Package, The Web, and Industrial Designers. Managed seven different brands design language for various markets including Kids, High-end and entry point market. For brands, such as Heys USA, Disney by Heys, Britto Collection, Fazzino Collection, Crown Edition, Forza by Heys, and Intus. Managed licensing, factories product quality that met the market requirement. The supported internal business team needs for media materials such as brochures, spec sheets, and photography. Created, managed operational structures to meet retailer requirements.
• Managed department budgets and reduced operational cost by 30%. Participated in cross team discussions, work, and objective in meeting Heys USA product development deadlines and marketplace demand. Reduced retail orders cancellation rate by 40%. Done by implementing copyright specialist and processes. This specialist understood market language and industry writing standards. This specialist provided review and signoff on written portfolio of all production materials such as packaging and advertisement. Managed factories and sourcing activities in Asia. Sourced reputable factories in Asia.
• Managed and identified a new line of Decolav ADA Certified Sink and Shower Door Program for the home repair marketplace. Stopped retail cancellation rate within 90 days. Generated in 2 million in sales revenue. Managed all package requirements including instructional manuals, photography and POP display for retail. Provided all web media requirement. Managed price structures and budget for these product lines and marketplace.
• Managed event design that included sketches drafting, CAD, graphics, and print. Managed all sourcing activities for materials and items including furnishing, flowers, and more. Organized and Managed all vendors and supplier’s deadline per event.
• Managed and created all product marketing development for activities for Bryan Dynamics, Inc. / Design Expansion clients. Clients are Klas Telecom, Inc., Dibari, Office Depot, Forward Industries, Iron Bridge, Denon, Movado, Fossil, & Moodform. Managed all business growth and exposure within the Industrial Design service marketplace. Maintained operational budget. Sourced and Processed orders and met deadlines for market demand.
• Managed and developed CAD developments and renderings for cross team design managers at Pavlik Design Team.

• Identified, developed all laptop platforms for the Dell Alienware brand for the gaming market from start to finish. Responsible for brand market language creation and implementation across all laptop platforms. Created and developed all internals supportive products such as cooling caps for desktop platforms. Developed this UX interface with cross team members including coding developers, marketing, and vendor. Developed various CAD data and Digital Renderings to other members of the product development team to administer animations, rendering, diagram, packaging designs, manuals and much more. Developed T-shirt, Cup and giveaways for events. Created and Developed Kiosk for consumer electronic tradeshows. Created and developed brand category extension that included innovate platforms for gamers such as Alienware X5 that met market demand. Developed and kept updated on all communicated documentation that met design intent and controlled with CMF and other documentations. Maintained weekly updates of all product development modification, and updated executive teams on changes. Obtained signoff before commencing these changes. Worked with product development vendors in China, India, and Australia. Developed packages that focused on outer box experience that beats the competition by far.
• Responsible for a product development team that consisted of 15 designers. Developed over 270 products for the travel good industry, items included luggage, backpack, eyewear, watches, and accessories on quarterly bases from initiation to production to meet market outline. Developed research, sketch, CAD, prototype, specification, engineering requirements, package design, and preformed product testing before final file release. Developed Package, POP display, photography, hangtag, brochures, email blast, the web, magazine ad, tradeshow, and in-store retail commination design to support Heys USA brand portfolio. Monitored consultancies & vendor’s product development. Defined and developed products to extend categories from luggage to offering lifestyle products to meet the future business model. Responsible for all purchasing department purchase order (PO) signoff. Done by given the department check off and documentation before placing orders. Provided sales team product detail and features requirement for their customers. Maintained regular production planning meeting with personnel from the purchasing, planning, finance, sales departments as well as the respective product managers. These meeting identified product opportunities internally from cross team members. Created Heys USA procedures and documentations that included projects list, file storage format, sample request and final design approval forms and more. Recruited, trained, discharge and managed design team members for the betterment of the company.
• Integrated patented technologies across various hand tool products for the Construction and DIY Division for Stanley Black and Decker Brands. Separated them as a market leader in this category. Created, identified, and developed all new products for the Garage Division under the Kobalt Tools brand and met market demand. Supported the design and product development for over 35 Lowes brand through brand design language documents. Communicated with outside vendors. Developed brand languages and documents for the Eagle and Utilitech brand. That differentiate both durable product brands. Designed and supported product development for the Kobalt Garage Cabinet program. Which was a dyeing program? Done by updated Industrial Design that resolved Merchandise Team issues with the Kobalt garage cabinet program. Resulted in $500K saved and rolled out to Lowe’s store nationally. It is a profitable program. Created, Identified and developed the Gatehouse Wheelchair Ramp Program including from start to finish for the Baby Boomer marketplace home needs. Included planogram and CAD development, animations, and prototyping, product testing and more. This Ramp program issued United States Patent. Developed an entire line of flashlights from start to finish for five plus Lowes private label brands that consisted of 70 flashlights. Added extra flashlight SKU with manufacture cost is saving. This return a substantial profit for Lowes with zero additional capital investment.
• Research market and provided design proposals for a full line of ADA sinks and lavatories consisting of over 75 items. Provided design product development update on existing products from factories in Asia to maintain market requirement intent. Did Final product development CAD testing for shower program and modification that met manufacture and retail market requirements.
• Provided design and development for custom furniture designs for Light Bars and Sofa. Designed unique pieces tailored to each event including T-Shit Designs, Packaging and Table pieces from locally sourced items for such clients as BMW, Motorola, Swarovski Crystal and so much more. Worked with a local manufacturing facility in Miami, FL. Provided estimate to upper management for signoff before commencing production team for development and installation. Surveyed environment spaces. Worked with internal design organizations to deliver exception experiences to attendees.
• Implemented Palvik VP of Design projects designs intent into CAD data and provided renderings to cross team member for presentation, and internal review. Provided design release drawings to the engineering team for development, part list and cost.
• Provided high tech manufacture process to all Bryan Dynamics, Inc. / Design expansion clients. Managed, met and maintained design intent from start to finish. Raised over 50K for product development. Numerous of the product sold globally. Worked with factories around the world to produce design at price point that is marketable.

• Implemented market research data for previously developed brands for Lowes. Identification market color, form language, touch and feel for USA, Europe, and Asia marketplace. Proven research data for design details, features, graphics and more. Followed up by tradeshow research and attendance. Organized focus and online community’s research groups for qualitative and quantitative and others research methods. Improved existing products, identified new products and needs for the Garage Category for Lowes Home Improvement. Provided final market research finding to the executive team for review.
• Formed product market requirement, outline, customer profile, and placement. Formed marketing data for the Alienware brand within a new market (Europe and Asia Market). Implemented international research findings to develop this line of products that met marketplace demand.
• Determined marketing requirement for magazine spreads and environmental sign designs with the support of design team. Developed brand documentation that reflected market needs.
• Identified market missed offering, price points, and other important data that created opportunities for Decolav. To outperform their competitors.
• Tied marketing research to all learning lesson at Miami AD School. By having 15-20 students implement research marketplace before commencing industrial design course assignment. Included; identifying Users, Competition, Marketplace, Technologies, Trends and more for a final course project.

• Business and strategies behind the Lowe’s Gateway Ramp Program with merchandising team. Negotiated Ramp Program services including installation method. Identified other ramp product offerings for the different price point for Merchandising Team. Offered unique sales channel for Ramp Program. Acquired manufacture cost for Ramp Program and pricing structure with Merchandising Team. The profit margin for Lowe’s Private Gateway Ramp Program was designed and developed for a 300% profit margin. This profit margin beated supplier’s ramps, enables the program produced. Provided products extension for the Kobalt Tools brand for the Garage Categories such as storage bins, bike racks, and more for their market demand. Created 25 plus innovative product proposals projected to the year 2016.
• Business strategies for devices and convinced project managers to investigate these opportunities. Conceptual models of identified market opportunities with the 3D rendering of these designs that visually interpreted solutions for the marketplace. Created a joint venture opportunity with Project Managers during the process. Supported by a document from the project manager that showcase business plan and cost to the executive team for product development review. Conceptual proposals were a handheld and console device. Console design (Alienware Area 51X) proposal was funded and produced. Provided a complete plan that was reviewed by the executive team for a rational decision. That supported future development for both programs and gained support.
• Selected design projects for consultancy design partnership. So, the main office focused on product innovation and design products that offer advance usage to its users. Created and organized department strategies that kept the development team informed of industry updates within the hand tool industry through magazine submission and tradeshow attendance.
• Directed, planned and maintain budgeted inventory levels versus forecast plan and follow-up with sourcing opportunities for Implemented products changes and improvements that met market demand.
• Introduced strategies for Decolav ADA sink and lavatory program such as offering LEED certification. Communicated products benefit from all product interaction.
• Maintained and developed daily business strategies that matched business model and growth for the marketplace. Improved operation margin yearly by 400%. Worked with suppliers around the world to offer better services for Bryan Dynamics, Inc. / Design Expansion and their clients for prototyping and manufacturing capability specifically in Asia. Implemented new sourcing opportunity within the USA.

• Sourced qualified manufactures based on core capabilities, lead time, price, quality, and experience. Saved 55% from manufacturer competitors bid price.
• Sourced innovative patent technologies for future product development implemented across all Dell Alienware accessories for future market demands.
• Provided weekly design updates to upper management and cross team members. This documentation included Orthographic, CAD Data, Market Data, Prototype manufacturing process and workflow documents.
• Sourced and selected manufacturers for Decolav Sinks and Lavatories. Reduced cost and increase profit margin. Worked with factories to assembled shipping containers that utilized space saving methods. Increased product shipment volume by 25%.

• Developed products that met marketplace price point. Maintained $1 million dollars Department budget for employment, materials, etc. Maintained vendor’s payment terms. Worked with financial department regularly.
• Saved Shower Door Program from cancellation worth 3 million dollars.
• Set and created products to beat merchandising suggested manufacture price points on average by 25% based on market data. This saving increased Lowe’s profit margin. Ramp Program generated over $2 billion in sales revenue yearly.
• Provided design solutions that eliminated and added features that met market demand as VP of Design for Heys USA
• Maintained and achieved a positive cash flow for Bryan Dynamics, Inc.


As far as I remember, I was always fascinated with anything that had an engine and moved. But in particular, it was my grandfather’s light blue 1963 VW camper SUV. You see, my Grandfather and Uncle were an Auto, body Technician. At a young age, I use to spend days with my grandfather and uncle in the body shop surrounded by prestigious Chevy Impalas that they were repairing. When I wasn’t spending time in the body shop with them, I was repairing or painting my collection of Hot Wheels. At a young age, I know I had to surround myself with automobiles because it was satisfying. I guess it was the smell of body filler and the candy apple painted surfaces of those customized Chevy, which made me wanted to take a bite by helping with the workload. On weekends, I would catch my grandfather with a beer as he repaired something on that 1963 VW camper SUV, in which I was so eager to be apart. Until this day he still has that beast.


I attended Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami, Florida. This magnet school program gave me the opportunity to get a fundamental understanding of different design fields, from Architecture, Fashion to Industrial Design. I enrolled in their Wheel Program – a six months intense program that offered the opportunity to explore different design career path. As a result, I realized I had a passion for Industrial Design, plus a fascination for automobiles. Combined, I decided to study Transportation Design at the College for Creative Studies.


At the College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan, I major in Industrial Design with a specialization in Transportation Design. I noticed that there where endless amount problems needed to be solved through design metrology. Whether this was Economic, Social, or Environmental problem, I couldn’t resist coming up with solutions. I could not resist thinking with my utensil to come to a solution. Le Corbusier – a Swiss born Architect, Industrial Designer and Writer- has influenced my design work, because of his exploration of furniture design. His furniture is simply magnificent in design and yet comfortable. As resulted from his usage of the Fibonacci Series, Golden Section, and design principle in his design process. So I seek to design products that combined aesthetic and problem solving principles that lead to innovation. My designs have a futuristic flair, sense of urbanism yet timeless in design. They are also serious, clean, and energetic.


The typical objective of my design is to resolve a problem, economical, social, and environmental. Through deep research, I can discover these problems and arrive at solutions during the design process. My designs are fully resolved around the end user. These tend to be unusual but not different for the sake of being different.
Design to me serves to solve three distinct problems: Aesthetics, Function, and Soul. I try to design meaningful design that embodies all three, that create provocative and lasting ideas. My vision of design is one that includes critical thinking, problem solving, and enriched experiences, amplified through the mastery of the traditional design principle. I have wide range interest in Transportation, Product, Architecture, Fashion, Art and Design. Which I apply my industrial design skill set. In the end, creation is what had fascinated me about the body repairs my uncle and grandfather was doing when I was younger. Today it’s what drives me to design.