AI does not mean IOT

Awareness on the Internet of things (IOT) has grown in recent years since its introduction. IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become standard product features across various industries. Internet connectivity on devices allows AI and IOT to implement easily. Shortly majority of products such as a stove will work with Artificial Intelligence. Amazon Echo uses this technology as its main source of importing information into the device and a downloadable app for database customization. AI and IOT are far different from each other that when combined offer’s unique product benefits for consumers.

As internet access spreads globally through entrepreneur endeavors undertaken by Apple, Facebook, and others in developing alternative internet service provider solutions so will AI and IOT technology growth. The Facebook Aquila and Google Titan Aerospace Drone race to meet this global challenge. Product Development and Design will follow these momentums by incorporating the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. There is much-needed infrastructure that will need to implement that make this new era of technology successful creating new industries and professions.   These technologies will impact our current data and require us to expand data storage


IBM Watson is the latest and one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligent Technologies. Artifical Technology is a Computer System that performs tasks that normally require Human Intelligence; for example, visual & speech recognition, decision-making, and translating information is now administered through Artificial Technologies. Almost all products will offer AI by the year 2050. Support AI with IOT will increase user experiences that increase production efficiency and place emphasis on Cyber Security. Internet connectivity will allow products to successful repair itself without today’s common user interaction from IT professionals located globally. Microsoft AI solutions help consumer be more productive in their daily lives. Their unique proposition built on trust, principles, partnership, democratization and flexibility.  These principles are a focus on the foundation, infrastructure and support for AI to operate its best optimum as the leader in personal computer operation system. 

Internet of Things is the interconnectivity of hardware, devices and structures and other devices embedded with technologies that allow products to gather and exchange data.  It allows the cyber world to connect with the physical world through devices that can configure and repair without interaction. This capability allows increasing accuracy and efficiency.  By 2020, it expects that the internet of things will consist of 50 billion objects. This technology has major benefited for the medical industry through the interconnectivity of implants products in the human body. This technology has trended into Home Automation that controls home lighting, ventilation, appliances and other home devices. Microsoft has leverage the internet of things within the commercial space that has helped companies move forward and reduced wasted resources that drive operational efficiency. 

The combination of AI and IOT increases product user experience.  Products that will collectivity sync and analyze data constantly improves it Operational System without the interaction of a human being through self-repair protocol. Internet connectivity will continue to spread to every human being on the planet and beyond. There will be additional Artificial Intelligence platform introduced.  These self-containing systems will revolutionize the way we live on this planet.

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