As far as I remember, I was always fascinated with anything that had an engine and moved. But in particular, it was my grandfather’s light blue 1963 VW camper SUV. You see, my Grandfather and Uncle were an Auto, body Technician. At a young age, I use to spend days with my grandfather and uncle in the body shop surrounded by prestigious Chevy Impalas that they were repairing. When I wasn’t spending time in the body shop with them, I was repairing or painting my collection of Hot Wheels. At a young age, I know I had to surround myself with automobiles because it was satisfying. I guess it was the smell of body filler and the candy apple painted surfaces of those customized Chevy, which made me wanted to take a bite by helping with the workload. On weekends, I would catch my grandfather with a beer as he repaired something on that 1963 VW camper SUV, in which I was so eager to be apart. Until this day he still has that beast.

I attended Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami, Florida. This magnet school program gave me the opportunity to get a fundamental understanding of different design fields, from Architecture, Fashion to Industrial Design. I enrolled in their Wheel Program – a six months intense program that offered the opportunity to explore different design career path. As a result, I realized I had a passion for Industrial Design, plus a fascination for automobiles. Combined, I decided to study Transportation Design at the College for Creative Studies.

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At the College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan, I major in Industrial Design with a specialization in Transportation Design. I noticed that there where endless amount problems needed to be solved through design metrology. Whether this was Economic, Social, or Environmental problem, I couldn’t resist coming up with solutions. I could not resist thinking with my utensil to come to a solution. Le Corbusier – a Swiss born Architect, Industrial Designer and Writer- has influenced my design work, because of his exploration of furniture design. His furniture is simply magnificent in design and yet comfortable. As resulted from his usage of the Fibonacci Series, Golden Section, and design principle in his design process. So I seek to design products that combined aesthetic and problem solving principles that lead to innovation. My designs have a futuristic flair, sense of urbanism yet timeless in design. They are also serious, clean, and energetic.

The typical objective of my design is to resolve a problem, economical, social, and environmental. Through deep research, I can discover these problems and arrive at solutions during the design process. My designs are fully resolved around the end user. These tend to be unusual but not different for the sake of being different.
Design to me serves to solve three distinct problems: Aesthetics, Function, and Soul. I try to design meaningful design that embodies all three, that create provocative and lasting ideas. My vision of design is one that includes critical thinking, problem solving, and enriched experiences, amplified through the mastery of the traditional design principle. I have wide range interest in Transportation, Product, Architecture, Fashion, Art and Design. Which I apply my industrial design skill set. In the end, creation is what had fascinated me about the body repairs my uncle and grandfather was doing when I was younger. Today it’s what drives me to design.