Made “US” Great Again

Made in America is gone, designed in America or United States of America (USA) is a more relevant terminology. We strived to gain manufacturing in the USA for years. An attempt to manufacture goods in the United States that left our shores is like taking one step forward to take 100 steps backwards. There are obvious reason certain manufactured goods are made in offshore region such as Asia. In the 1800s, Steel manufactured goods improved the USA economy. It will not be able to single handedly do so this era. American productivity was improved by the assembly line invented by Henry Ford and implemented on the 1908 Ford Model T. Apple brand mark “Designed by Apple” and other companies that follows may one day change to Designed in USA and Manufactured by Robotics.

Tommy Hilfiger

“Designed in USA” is a unique claim that American Design houses shall truly leverage. America designed iconic brands such as Cadillac, Apple, General Electrics, Tommy Hilfiger, and Boeing has conquered the design and engineering expertise for decades. Consumers product cost is reduced by software’s that provided improvement for physical goods using apps discovered by Steve Jobs available on iTunes. The lack of physical products shall not limit the United States (US) creative problem-solving ability through design thinking mastered by IDEO. Today’s calculator is found inside of a Motorola Smartphone Android Operation System. In other regions of the world there remain a demand for tradition calculator due to limited electricity. There is no sense in making goods for a third world country. In future, our servers may be based in a third world country. A future which we began migrating human life onto space. This life is currently under development by SpaceX.

Electronics, Automotive, and Apparel has left the United States shores for the betterment of this country. Manufacturing process for these items is conquered by countries such as China, India, and South America. These outsourced products typically do not meet counter measured set by organization such as the United States Customs and Boarder Protection. These countries have not only mastered the production of these products, they acquired the technologies, machinery and labor force that has outpaced the United States manufacturing. United States Manufacturing can solely compete by making products at a much affordable price compared to these regions. For example, if product cost two dollars, we need to produce the same a product for a lesser price.

Our attempt at Advance Manufacturing through robotics is to resolve this manufacturing disadvantage playing feed with countries outside the USA. This attempt eliminates jobs for people not willing or unable to retrain for the economy of the future and not the new economy. There is a major learning curve that institutions, in which organizations need to work with companies to resolve this society issue. This dilemma in the workforce adds to unemployment and forces elderlies into early retirement. 3D printing is an alternative solution to this problem. 3D printing is far from being consume. Organization much like Compaq would be able to change this problem with 3D Printing but taking risk. Compaq changed the computers industry to personal computer led today by Apple Computers, Inc. MakerBot is leading this effort to personalize 3D Printing through content provider partnerships. One day, we may live in a future which we can print our knives, forks and dishes in our kitchen that eliminate store trips or waiting for Amazon delivery services. We are 15 years away from 3D printing reducing the number of manufacturing plants and the need for drone delivery services.

Pollution from manufactured goods has affected Asia. People believed that the Model T was the first car made in the United States. The first automobile was made by Elwood Haynes. The vehicle was a hybrid of a carriage and internal combustion engine. One of the most recognized American brand products that are produced in the United States are Harley Davidson motorcycles. American consumer electronics company such as Hewlett Packer (HP) sourced manufacturing oversea to manufacturing plants such as Foxxconn. The vast manufacturing in these regions has polluted their environment that is not maintainable without drastic changed. If America is to bring back manufacturing of products, then it must complete on an environmental scale, price, and technical manufacturing advancement.

Tesla Robotics is not an actual company owned by Tesla but may be a future manufacturing plants that lead USA manufacturing. Products designed in the United States process of manufacturing must be advance. Processes of manufacturing these goods should reduce pollution in this country. Plants that are LEED certified are absolutely suited for this wave of manufacturing that support onshore manufacturing. The united states will continue to dominate in design through its advancement of the Arts and Science Institutions. We are not an artesian society like Italy whom has master the art of automotive design. We continue to master “usefulness”.

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