• Implemented market research data for previously developed brands for Lowes. Identification market color, form language, touch and feel for USA, Europe, and Asia marketplace. Proven research data for design details, features, graphics and more. Followed up by tradeshow research and attendance. Organized focus and online community’s research groups for qualitative and quantitative and others research methods. Improved existing products, identified new products and needs for the Garage Category for Lowes Home Improvement. Provided final market research finding to the executive team for review.
• Formed product market requirement, outline, customer profile, and placement. Formed marketing data for the Alienware brand within a new market (Europe and Asia Market). Implemented international research findings to develop this line of products that met marketplace demand.
• Determined marketing requirement for magazine spreads and environmental sign designs with the support of design team. Developed brand documentation that reflected market needs.
• Identified market missed offering, price points, and other important data that created opportunities for Decolav. To outperform their competitors.
• Tied marketing research to all learning lesson at Miami AD School. By having 15-20 students implement research marketplace before commencing industrial design course assignment. Included; identifying Users, Competition, Marketplace, Technologies, Trends and more for a final course project.