• Identified, developed all laptop platforms for the Dell Alienware brand for the gaming market from start to finish. Responsible for brand market language creation and implementation across all laptop platforms. Created and developed all internals supportive products such as cooling caps for desktop platforms. Developed this UX interface with cross team members including coding developers, marketing, and vendor. Developed various CAD data and Digital Renderings to other members of the product development team to administer animations, rendering, diagram, packaging designs, manuals and much more. Developed T-shirt, Cup and giveaways for events. Created and Developed Kiosk for consumer electronic tradeshows. Created and developed brand category extension that included innovate platforms for gamers such as Alienware X5 that met market demand. Developed and kept updated on all communicated documentation that met design intent and controlled with CMF and other documentations. Maintained weekly updates of all product development modification, and updated executive teams on changes. Obtained signoff before commencing these changes. Worked with product development vendors in China, India, and Australia. Developed packages that focused on outer box experience that beats the competition by far.
• Responsible for a product development team that consisted of 15 designers. Developed over 270 products for the travel good industry, items included luggage, backpack, eyewear, watches, and accessories on quarterly bases from initiation to production to meet market outline. Developed research, sketch, CAD, prototype, specification, engineering requirements, package design, and preformed product testing before final file release. Developed Package, POP display, photography, hangtag, brochures, email blast, the web, magazine ad, tradeshow, and in-store retail commination design to support Heys USA brand portfolio. Monitored consultancies & vendor’s product development. Defined and developed products to extend categories from luggage to offering lifestyle products to meet the future business model. Responsible for all purchasing department purchase order (PO) signoff. Done by given the department check off and documentation before placing orders. Provided sales team product detail and features requirement for their customers. Maintained regular production planning meeting with personnel from the purchasing, planning, finance, sales departments as well as the respective product managers. These meeting identified product opportunities internally from cross team members. Created Heys USA procedures and documentations that included projects list, file storage format, sample request and final design approval forms and more. Recruited, trained, discharge and managed design team members for the betterment of the company.
• Integrated patented technologies across various hand tool products for the Construction and DIY Division for Stanley Black and Decker Brands. Separated them as a market leader in this category. Created, identified, and developed all new products for the Garage Division under the Kobalt Tools brand and met market demand. Supported the design and product development for over 35 Lowes brand through brand design language documents. Communicated with outside vendors. Developed brand languages and documents for the Eagle and Utilitech brand. That differentiate both durable product brands. Designed and supported product development for the Kobalt Garage Cabinet program. Which was a dyeing program? Done by updated Industrial Design that resolved Merchandise Team issues with the Kobalt garage cabinet program. Resulted in $500K saved and rolled out to Lowe’s store nationally. It is a profitable program. Created, Identified and developed the Gatehouse Wheelchair Ramp Program including from start to finish for the Baby Boomer marketplace home needs. Included planogram and CAD development, animations, and prototyping, product testing and more. This Ramp program issued United States Patent. Developed an entire line of flashlights from start to finish for five plus Lowes private label brands that consisted of 70 flashlights. Added extra flashlight SKU with manufacture cost is saving. This return a substantial profit for Lowes with zero additional capital investment.
• Research market and provided design proposals for a full line of ADA sinks and lavatories consisting of over 75 items. Provided design product development update on existing products from factories in Asia to maintain market requirement intent. Did Final product development CAD testing for shower program and modification that met manufacture and retail market requirements.
• Provided design and development for custom furniture designs for Light Bars and Sofa. Designed unique pieces tailored to each event including T-Shit Designs, Packaging and Table pieces from locally sourced items for such clients as BMW, Motorola, Swarovski Crystal and so much more. Worked with a local manufacturing facility in Miami, FL. Provided estimate to upper management for signoff before commencing production team for development and installation. Surveyed environment spaces. Worked with internal design organizations to deliver exception experiences to attendees.
• Implemented Palvik VP of Design projects designs intent into CAD data and provided renderings to cross team member for presentation, and internal review. Provided design release drawings to the engineering team for development, part list and cost.
• Provided high tech manufacture process to all Bryan Dynamics, Inc. / Design expansion clients. Managed, met and maintained design intent from start to finish. Raised over 50K for product development. Numerous of the product sold globally. Worked with factories around the world to produce design at price point that is marketable.

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