• Business and strategies behind the Lowe’s Gateway Ramp Program with merchandising team. Negotiated Ramp Program services including installation method. Identified other ramp product offerings for the different price point for Merchandising Team. Offered unique sales channel for Ramp Program. Acquired manufacture cost for Ramp Program and pricing structure with Merchandising Team. The profit margin for Lowe’s Private Gateway Ramp Program was designed and developed for a 300% profit margin. This profit margin beated supplier’s ramps, enables the program produced. Provided products extension for the Kobalt Tools brand for the Garage Categories such as storage bins, bike racks, and more for their market demand. Created 25 plus innovative product proposals projected to the year 2016.
• Business strategies for devices and convinced project managers to investigate these opportunities. Conceptual models of identified market opportunities with the 3D rendering of these designs that visually interpreted solutions for the marketplace. Created a joint venture opportunity with Project Managers during the process. Supported by a document from the project manager that showcase business plan and cost to the executive team for product development review. Conceptual proposals were a handheld and console device. Console design (Alienware Area 51X) proposal was funded and produced. Provided a complete plan that was reviewed by the executive team for a rational decision. That supported future development for both programs and gained support.
• Selected design projects for consultancy design partnership. So, the main office focused on product innovation and design products that offer advance usage to its users. Created and organized department strategies that kept the development team informed of industry updates within the hand tool industry through magazine submission and tradeshow attendance.
• Directed, planned and maintain budgeted inventory levels versus forecast plan and follow-up with sourcing opportunities for Implemented products changes and improvements that met market demand.
• Introduced strategies for Decolav ADA sink and lavatory program such as offering LEED certification. Communicated products benefit from all product interaction.
• Maintained and developed daily business strategies that matched business model and growth for the marketplace. Improved operation margin yearly by 400%. Worked with suppliers around the world to offer better services for Bryan Dynamics, Inc. / Design Expansion and their clients for prototyping and manufacturing capability specifically in Asia. Implemented new sourcing opportunity within the USA.

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